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Arabic in 60 Steps Mini-Review: Accessible for Beginners

Arabic in 60 Steps
Price: Freemium, Free trial, £19/mo for self-guided study, £197 for full program
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Arabic in 60 Steps is a podcast, Youtube Channel, and premium course created by Sam Burr to make Arabic more accessible for beginners.

Sam’s free course, The Best of Stories, is for anyone, even if you don’t speak a word of Arabic. Signing up also gives you access to his free course on reading and writing Arabic (although this is still under development). In the Best of Stories, Sam has six videos that introduce you to a short vocabulary list, a grammar concept, and examples. He breaks down Arabic grammar from an English Speaker’s point of view and even provides an accompanying workbook with translation exercises.

In his program, Arabic in 60 steps, you pay a one-time fee to receive about sixty hours of video lessons, a hard-copy of the accompanying workbook, a mentor for six months, and access to Sam’s live questions every week. Near the end of the program, everything you read and hear will be in Arabic. You will want to have a basic foundation of the Arabic alphabet before starting, so check out Arabic Quick! or see if the Arabic script course with Sam is complete.

Finally, My Arabic World is a supplementary platform that gives you transcripts, vocabulary breakdowns, and useful phrases from various Arabic videos.

Overall, Arabic in 60 steps seems like a comprehensive program for beginners to dive into the Arabic language.

The current rating is our best estimate. We haven’t had the opportunity yet to more thoroughly evaluate this resource, as we do for our full reviews.

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