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Arch Chinese Mini-Review: Meh. Could Be Better, Could Be Worse

Arch Chinese

Rating 2.5

Freemium, with paid plans starting at $49.99/half year


Arch Chinese is a website that offers teaching resources and learning tools. With a paid membership, you can customize a variety of worksheets for yourself or your students, such as character practice grids, multiple choice quizzes, true or false questions, sentence scrambles, and dozens more. The website is also a dictionary, with stroke order animations and native-speaker recordings for each entry. You can read about the radicals, components, parts of speech, similar-looking words, measure words, and words that have the same pronunciation. One thing worth mentioning is the Mandarin Chinese Tone Drill section that helps you practice differentiating between 4 of the 5 Mandarin tones. The website doesn’t seem to have put a lot of effort into aesthetics, but functionally Arch Chinese might be a useful tool for teachers of school-age kids. However, you could also create similar templates yourself in Microsoft Word, or use a textbook with exercises that follow a curriculum — you’ll have to check it out yourself to decide if it’s something worth investing in. Arch Chinese may also be useful for individual learners who are dying to use hard-copy worksheets. If you don’t find yourself in this category, then maybe check out Skritter to effectively learn Chinese characters, or Pleco to memorize words on your phone — then you can use Hanzi Grids for free when you really want to write out the characters by hand.