Semantica Portuguese Review – The Most Authentic Brazilian Portuguese Resource

Quick Review



Semantica is an amazing resource for visual and aural learners looking to learn Portuguese by immersing themselves in Brazilian culture. Through their unique video lessons, Semantica does a great job in providing its users with real life scenarios that they will come across in Brazil. While some beginners may find it a challenge, those that respond well to this style of teaching will surely enjoy the lessons. There is a wealth of material to explore and a lot of room for students to progress.


The videos are very well produced and entertaining. The accompanying lesson materials, though useful, are not as good.


Their coverage of real life situations is great but the grammar explanations are lacking.


This is a unique product and definitely worth considering spending your time and money on.


Semantica has a number of different subscription plans. Regardless of what plan you choose, all of the videos are accessible to you. The shortest option is to sign up and pay on a month-by-month basis which costs $20/month. After that it is $100 for six months and $180 for a whole year. Past that there is the option of paying $300 for five years, $500 for ten years and, remarkably, $900 for twenty years access!

Alternatives: While there are other online Portuguese courses, there isn’t really anything comparable to Semantica.