Where to Learn a Foreign Language? Opportunities in Utah

Wondering where to learn a new language? Where to start your language learning journey? Or Where will your children will get the best opportunities?

Where in the USA is language learning emphasized? While the USA coastal states are often viewed as the most cosmopolitan, there is one location for language learning that may surprise you. It’s deeply interior and high above sea level.


The Language Exchange Showdown: Our Top Apps & Websites

Chatting with someone in your non-native language is one of the scariest yet most rewarding parts of learning a language. You’re stepping out of the airplane, solo sky-diving – but fortunately, with less gory results should you mess up.

Talking to people is, for most of us, the reason why we’ve spent hours studying courses, poring over grammar charts and doing pronunciation drills until our throats hurt.

And ironically, when we finally start talking to people, those courses and grammar charts tend to get much easier.

So, although it’s scary, language exchanges are worth doing. Remember, nobody really cares if you make a mistake. We’re all language-learners here. We’ve all muddled our sentence structure and failed to understand questions.

And when an exchange goes well, it is amazing. You’ll share experiences, make friends and feel your confidence in the language grow.

Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of places to find a language partner, join in with an existing language group or even get feedback from other language-learners. Let’s look at how to make the most of a language exchange site or app, the options available to you and what sets them apart.

Three women talk at a language exchange; on the left, text says Best Language Exchange Apps and Websites