Wanikani Review – A Useful Supplementary Tool For Studying Japanese

Quick Review



Wanikani is an innovative, useful site for beginning learners of Japanese kanji. The site provides mnemonic devices and a spaced repetition system (SRS) to teach radicals, kanji, and vocabulary. Although it offers a phenomenal foundation in kanji, it doesn’t provide everything you’ll need to learn the language. Still, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, Wanikani is an excellent supplementary program.


Easy and fun to use, so long as you don’t fall behind on your lessons.


It won’t teach you stroke order or too much grammatically, but it provides over 2000 kanji and 6000 vocabulary words.


Wanikani is constantly adding new material, so even if you finish all the kanji, there’ll be more to learn. If you put in the effort, it’s more than worth your money.


A monthly subscription costs $9, a yearly subscription is $89, and a lifetime subscription is $299. The first three levels are available for free.

Alternatives: Wanikani is an excellent supplementary resource but it should be used alongside a textbook or course.