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There’s No Babbel, Rosetta Stone or Busuu Finnish Course: Try These Alternatives Instead

Finnish is a difficult language to learn. Luckily, there are some great apps out there that can help make things easier. Unfortunately, Babbel is not one of them, because there is no Finnish Babbel, Rosetta Stone or Busuu courses.

However, there are several alternatives that are just as good as – or better – than Babbel, Rosetta Stone or Busuu.

The following three options will help you get started on your Finnish language journey. Read on to find out more!


Pimsleur is a great app if you want to learn what the Finnish language sounds like because there is a ton of audio content! You’ll get lots of speaking and listening practice when you use Pimsleur. However, you likely won’t really learn the rules of Finnish grammar while using Pimsleur alone.

Since Finnish is such a complex language, a basic understanding of grammar rules becomes necessary at a certain point. Even if this understanding doesn’t come from Pimsleur, it can still be a great option for beginners and especially useful when used in conjunction with other resources.

Pimsleur can also provide you with some relevant and interesting cultural references, as its lessons incorporate a cultural aspect!

To find out more about Pimsleur and to learn about subscription options, follow this link.

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FinnishPod101 is where you’ll find a ton of great material for beginners. The format of FinnishPod101 is similar to a podcast. You’ll hear a lot of dialogue and as you progress through the material more and more of the dialogue will be in Finnish and you’ll hear less and less English.

One thing to note about FinnishPod101 is that it doesn’t have a lot of material for advanced learners. However, it’s still a great resource as there is a lot of learning content. You might also find that FinnishPod101 isn’t organized in a very intuitive way, but don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a try!

Follow this link to read a review that will give you some more insight into FinnishPod101.

Visit FinnishPod101


With italki, you’ll be able to find yourself a Finnish language tutor. Out of the three options on this list, italki may be your best option for learning how to speak the language. There are only 5 million people living in Finland, so it’s not really surprising that at the time this article was written there were only 11 Finnish language tutors on italki.

You can choose between professional language teachers and community tutors. Prices will vary depending on which tutor you choose, but italki provides a lot of information on the potential tutors so you can make an informed decision.

Once you choose a tutor, you and the tutor can schedule your lesson for a time that works for you. You can also choose to do a test lesson with a tutor to see if you like their teaching style.

This review will give you a lot more information on italki.

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Finnish really is one of the most unique (and difficult) languages to learn. So kudos to you for giving it a try! Pimsleur, FinnishPod101, and italki are all great options for learning Finnish and you’ll learn so much that you won’t even miss any of these resources.

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