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Does Babbel Have Hindi

Did you know that there are 615 million Hindi speakers in the world? And that over 300 million are native speakers? You would think that with stats like that, either Babbel or Busuu would have a Hindi language course..

Unfortunately, they don’t, but there are still many other options if you are searching for a way to learn this popular language. Keep reading to find out how to learn Hindi with these four great alternatives to both Babbel and Busuu!


One of the pros of learning Hindi with Pimsleur is that you’ll receive tons of speaking and listening practice. If you want to focus on oral language learning, rather than learning the rules of grammar, then you will enjoy the way Pimsleur has styled their courses.

Another great part about Pimsleur is that each lesson builds upon the previous one in a very logical way. This trajectory makes for effective learning. And you’ll also enjoy the cultural references that are included throughout the course.

For $14.95 you can get a basic subscription to Pimsleur and for $19.95 a month you can get the premium subscription.

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HindiPod101 is probably best suited to people who are just starting to learn the language. There is a lot more beginner content than advanced content.

The organization of the course might not be the best, but it contains some high-quality learning material! It’s an especially good choice if you are looking for a course that has lots of listening content. Most of the lessons involve a lot of dialogue that switches between Hindi and English.

As the lessons get more challenging the amount of English used also diminishes. You’ll get to hear natural dialogue and important vocabulary and get some interesting cultural background as well.

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Before applying the discount a basic subscription costs $8 a month. A premium subscription costs $25 and a premium plus subscription costs $47.

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italki is not a language course like the rest of the options on this list. It’s actually a platform that you can use to get connected with a Hindi language tutor. The one on one interaction you’ll get with a tutor can really help to speed up your language learning.

The great part about italki is that you can cater to your skill level. Are you an absolute beginner who needs to be walked through the letters of the Hindi alphabet? Or are you an advanced learner looking to practice conversation skills and perfect your accent?

Specify what you’re looking for in the search criteria and read the reviews for each tutor to see if they might be a good fit for you. Once you find your tutor, they will schedule a class at a time that is convenient for both of you.

Classes cost an average of around $10 per hour but prices can range between $4 and $60, depending on the tutor.

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Duolingo is a great option for learning Hindi as it can be accessed for free. However, the content for the Hindi language is not that extensive. There are only 32 lessons to work through while some languages have upwards of 100.

It also does not do the best job of teaching the Hindi script. Where Duolingo excels is in the area of their audio. The pronunciation is on point and it is a great app for someone looking to learn how to speak Hindi with the proper accent.

You probably won’t become a fluent speaker by relying on Duolingo alone. But it will be able to give you a good basic understanding and teach you some helpful phrases!

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Final Thoughts:

Hindi is a popular language and we wish that more language apps had a course for it. But luckily these four courses should be more than enough to get you well on your way to accomplishing your language goals!

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