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Black Friday 2021 – Work In Progress

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Olly Richards “Language Uncovered”

Languages​: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese

Discount: Save 67%-75% on the Language Uncovered programs offered 8am EST 19th – midnight PST 27th November!

Learn to speak a new language through the power of story. Developed by polyglot Olly Richards, the brand new StoryLearning® method helps you learn new languages in a fun, brain-friendly way… through stories – not rules!

— adapted from creator.

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Languages​: ​Over 50 Languages

Discount: As low as $14.95/mo (see site for details)

With the exclusive, scientifically-proven Pimsleur Method, there’s no studying, no memorizing, no vocabulary, no complicated rules. You’ll be able to learn any language you want as you go about your day. You can learn on your way to work … while you’re out running errands … cooking dinner … or walking the dog … in just 30 minutes a day. In fact, Pimsleur’s scientifically-proven Method is so powerful, you’ll actually start speaking a new language after just one lesson.

— adapted from creator

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90 Day Korean

Languages​: Korean

Discount: 61% off Korean Fast Track Package – lifetime access! — Special Black Friday Course Bundle, offered 6am EST 19th – midnight EST 27th November! Only 90 spots available.

Most people fail to learn Korean because the materials are not fun, aren’t useful in everyday life, lack clear explanations and their methods don’t stick. These structured, easy to follow Korean courses will get you from absolute beginner to having basic conversations in a matter of hours. This is paint by number Korean, that teaches you exactly what to do to get amazing results.

— adapted from creator

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Languages​: ​German

Discount: 50~60% off A1-B1 and A1-C1 Bundles with Discover Fest pricing offered 17:00 CET 18th – noon 29th November EST

More than language learning it’s fun and engaging thanks to Michael’s revolutionary method and personal charisma forged from 20 years teaching German. Whether you want to learn from scratch, or polish your skills, our flexible courses have you covered. Forget boring textbooks and grammar tables.

— adapted from creator

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Innovative Language

Languages​: Available in Over 35 Languages

Discount: Use Coupon Code SNEAKBLACKFRIDAY2021 for 41% OFF all Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS plans offered 19 – 25 November!

You want to speak the language, right? Why wait? Learn practical, native-level conversation in minutes! Our teachers explain it all, word-by-word, in every lesson. With 1+ billion lesson downloads since 2005, you’re learning with the largest library of lessons

— adapted from creator

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Bite Size Languages

Languages​: ​6 different languages

Discount: 50 – 75% off (see site for details)! — Offered 8am EST 19th November – 8am EST 3rd December

Easy, flexible listening courses for beginners! Featuring bite-sized dialogues by native speakers in common situations that you are likely to find yourself in. Engage with the materials in our online learning system, or download all audios to listen on the go and on any device. The choice is yours.

— adapted from creator

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Languages​: ​over 140 languages!

Discount: 20% off using the link below — see site for details!

uTalk is for anyone who wants to learn key words and phrases in another language. It’s perfect for beginners getting started in a language and invaluable for intermediates looking to fill in gaps in their vocabulary and pronunciation. Even better, you don’t have to be an English speaker to use uTalk – it works for speakers of more than 100 languages.

— adapted from creator

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Yoyo Chinese


Discount: 33 – 50% off Lifetime Access (see site for details) offering until midnight PST 30 November.

Yoyo Chinese is a company run by experts, and it shows! With 20 million lessons delivered to over 400,000 students worldwide, Yoyo Chinese is debunking the myth that Chinese is too difficult to learn with one lesson at a time.

— adapted from creator

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Du Chinese


Discount: Up to 50% off on subscriptions offered until Cyber Monday 29 November.

Read Chinese with help when you need it. Start reading Chinese today Du Chinese is a powerful tool that makes learning Chinese simple and effective. Our built-in features let you practice your Chinese naturally, with assistance provided as you need it.

— adapted from creator

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Languages​: French, Spanish, Italian, German

Discount: 70% off Lifetime Access (see site for details).

We’re a small family of language lovers and we are here to help you reach your goal. If you ever feel stuck or feel like you’ve hit a plateau, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you get over any hurdles. Never underestimate the value of human help in this automated world.

— adapted from creator

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OUINO Language Learning Black Friday Discounts


Languages​: Almost all

Discount: Up to 60% off “Black Friday” offerings (see site for details).

Become fluent in any language: 1-on-1 lessons in more than 150 languages. Practice for free with the italki community. Take learning beyond the classroom.

— adapted from creator

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Languages​: English, Business English, German, French or Spanish

Discount: 35% discount code FLUENTFRIDAY35 valid until 26 November (see site for details).

Let’s be honest Learning a language is hard work, no matter what any of those apps might tell you. Making real progress is like training for a marathon. You need to set goals, build a daily habit and stay focused. Thanks to our interactive methods, based on 20 years of research by Cambridge and Oxford experts, with Lingoda you’re set up for success.

— adapted from creator

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