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Why learn Bulgarian? Well, other than the fact that this South Slavic language is helpful if you plan to travel to, work or live in Bulgaria, Bulgarian is an interesting and exciting language. Some find it to be one of the easier Slavic languages, thanks to its lack of grammatical cases.

Of course, just because there aren’t any grammatical cases, that doesn’t make learning Bulgarian some easy task. Like with all languages, Bulgarian has its challenges and, even if you’re taking a course, you’ll need all the additional help you can get.

If you’re learning Bulgarian, check out these six podcasts to see how they might be able to help you along your language-learning journey. (And if you’re looking for more resources, from courses and apps to books and movies, check out our detailed guide: How to Learn the Bulgarian Language And Cyrillic Alphabet.)

Podcasts for Beginners

If you’re a beginner learner with absolutely no experience with Bulgarian, then you’re going to need a beginner podcast like these.


BulgarianPod101 offers you a range of podcast episodes, starting with the very basic concepts that you would need as a beginner and working you into more advanced concepts that you might be able to tackle at a later date. Each episode is on the short side, so you can learn in quick bursts and then always go back to those episodes later if you need a refresh on a certain concept or topic.

BulgarianPod101 offers additional resources beyond its podcast episodes which can be accessed by purchasing a subscription. The subscriptions aren’t terribly expensive, but if you’re wondering if they’re worth it, you can check out our full review of BulgarianPod101.

Colloquial Bulgarian

Download audio files from Colloquial Bulgarian: The Complete Course for Beginners and take them with you everywhere. There are nearly 60 audio files and episodes to choose from, and each teaches you beginner, colloquial Bulgarian that you would need if you were traveling to Bulgaria. Learn grammar points, English translations and more. Additional online resources are available, such as written translations, glossaries and lesson summaries. Texts are also available, but for a fee; you can download all the audio files for free, though.

50 Languages: Bulgarian for Beginners

Download 100 podcast episodes as MP3 files and start learning all the basic Bulgarian language concepts. Pick through a variety of topics, from days of the week to months, numbers to adverbs, pronouns to subordinate clauses. You’ll learn phrases and vocabulary words that are useful in all kinds of situations, better equipping you to visit Bulgaria and to build up a solid foundation of Bulgarian vocabulary words before you move on to intermediate-level podcasts.


The Bulgarian History Podcast

While this podcast is mostly English, it weaves in Bulgarian language, history and other information that can make your Bulgarian language-learning process more rewarding, as you begin to understand the various world events that brought Bulgarian to where it is today.

Episodes are uploaded on a regular basis, usually around every two weeks or so, and episodes are generally about a half-hour in length each. There are more than 100 of them to listen to, so you have plenty of content to catch you up on Bulgarian history, culture and more.


These are podcasts that native speakers might listen to, so you’ll need a high level of Bulgarian to get much out of them.

SBS Bulgarian

SBS Bulgarian is produced by the Special Broadcasting Service and covers world news, culture, events, and issues in Bulgarian. You’ll be able to listen to content you likely already know if you keep up with world happenings, while also testing your comprehension as you listen to the content in the Bulgarian language. New podcast episodes are uploaded daily, sometimes even more than once a day, and each episode is about 10 minutes long, enabling you to listen on the go, in a short amount of time.

AWR Europe: Bulgarian

Similarly, if you’re more familiar with religious concepts than world news, you might find this podcast from Adventist World Radio to be up your alley. The podcast covers religious and spiritual topics, including many concepts you might already be familiar with, but all in Bulgarian. Podcasts are uploaded every day, and all are under half an hour in length. A few select podcast episodes are given in English.

Final Thoughts

Listening to Bulgarian podcasts, whether they’re on Bulgarian history, vocabulary words or cultural events can help make your language-learning journey more rewarding and more thorough.

Did we miss a Bulgarian podcast in our list above that you’ve found helpful? Let us know about it!

Are you learning Bulgarian? Take a look at our article on How to Learn the Bulgarian Language and Cyrillic Alphabet.

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