Pimsleur vs Michel Thomas: One Is Good – The Other Awful

Michel Thomas and Pimsleur are two of the most famous language teaching courses available online. They offer courses for learning languages from beginner level upwards but do so using different methods.

While both Pimsleur and Michel Thomas focus on oral language, there are some differences worth noting between the two:

  • Pimsleur’s lessons are much higher in quality, while Michel Thomas’s lessons are lacking in depth.
  • Pimsleur teaches languages up to an intermediate level. Users learning with Michel Thomas will only be able to understand and speak a language at a basic level after completing a course.


Pimsleur vs Babbel: Both Good, But Have Different Strengths

Pimsleur and Babbel are two of the biggest names in online language learning. They offer courses for learning a range of languages from scratch, although when it comes down to lesson specifics, they each have their different focuses.

Babbel and Pimsleur offer good courses but take different approaches to language learning. Some of the key differences between the two include:

  • Pimsleur primarily focuses on oral language which can help learners develop their conversational skills very quickly.
  • Babbel teaches more holistically, including grammar and written exercises – two areas mostly ignored by Pimsleur. Learners using Babbel would have a more well-rounded knowledge of the language, but lower speaking and listening skills compared with students using Pimsleur.

I’d struggle to choose a firm favorite between Babbel and Pimsleur because both are well designed and provide fairly high-quality lessons at relatively good value for money.


Mondly vs Babbel: Neither Is Amazing But Babbel Is Better

Mondly and Babbel are both large, relatively inexpensive online language learning platforms that offer a number of courses to encourage regular practice of a new language. Babbel is the more popular course, and although Mondly isn’t as well-known, it’s still often recommended.

Here are a few of the key differences between Mondly and Babbel:

  • Babbel’s courses are well-structured, focus on language that you’ll use in real-life, and comprehensively teach the language.
  • Mondly’s courses are available for more languages but they aren’t as well thought out. They offer more unique features (VR and Chatbot), but at this time, they’re more gimmicky than useful.

If the choice was narrowed down to just these two options, Babbel would tip the scales for me. I’d definitely recommend it over Mondly.