LingQ Review: It’s Alright – A Detailed And Honest Opinion After Using It For A Month

Quick Review


LingQ is a language learning platform that makes it easy to read and listen to interesting content at varying difficulty levels. As you read, words will be marked as known and LingQ tracks the total number of words you “know”. The content comes from lots of different places with very little of it being original. They also make it very easy to upload your own content.


Reading on LingQ is really easy though there are some features I’d like to see improved or removed


Although there isn’t much original content, there’s still a lot of material to read regardless of your level


The price is fitting for the value provided


A Premium subscription to LingQ costs $12.99/month.

Languages: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English, Korean, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Esperanto, Latin, Ukranian. There are also 11 additional languages in Beta.

Alternatives: Readlang can do much of what LingQ does and is available for free. I didn’t realize all of its functions when writing this review, otherwise, I would have been a bit less enthusiastic about LingQ.

If you’re studying Chinese, I’d recommend Du Chinese or The Chairman’s Bao.

For those studying Spanish, Storyling is a newer resource that I like quite a bit.