Expressing possession

Expressing possession

Learning Objectives 

  • Be able to use the possessive “de”
  • Know the possessive pronouns
  • Be able to use stressed pronouns with “à”
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Key Words & Phrases

“Le livre de Patrick”
“Le sien”
Le livre est à lui.

Mon vélo = le mien
Ma voiture = la mienne
Mes vélos = les miens
Mes voitures = les miennes


Expressing possession

Possessive pronouns

Possessive “de” (from 06.20)

Stressed pronouns

Prepositions “de” and “à” with articles

Learn French avec moi: Possession

Kwiziq: Possession with “de”

Grammar Collins Dictionary: Possessive pronouns

Kwiziq: Contraction of articles

Lawless French: Stressed pronouns


Learn French with Alexa: Masculine singular possessive pronouns

Learn French with Alexa: Feminine singular possessive pronouns

Learn French with Alexa: Masculine plural possessive pronouns

Learn French with Alexa: Feminine plural possessive pronouns

Madame Probst: Possession with “de”

Lingoni: Stressed pronouns


Lawless French: Possession

Le FLE pour les curieux: Possession

Lawless French: Possession with “de”

BBC Bitesize: Possessive pronouns

Kwiziq: Stressed pronouns


Lawless French: practice possessive “de”

Learn French with Alexa: practice possessive pronouns

Tex’s French Grammar: practice possessive pronouns

Train French: practice “c’est à” + stressed pronoun

Lingolia: revise possessive adjectives and practice possessive pronouns

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below. 

Write full sentences using the possessive “de” and items below, as per the example. Please conjugate the verbs in the indicative present tense.

  • La robe – “de” – la mariée – être – blanc(he)(s) (irregular adjective: “white”)
  • Les parents – “de” – le marié – se disputer (pronominal verb: “to argue”)
  • La cloche – “de” – l’église – sonner (regular -er verb: “to ring”)
  • Les invités – “de” – les mariés – danser  (regular -er verb: “to dance”)

Example: Le chat – “de” – le voisin – miauler (regular -er verb: “to meow”)

Le chat du voisin miaule.

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below. 

Partner Speaking Exercise:

  • Talk about yourself and ask your French-speaking partner questions about relatives, children, pets, homes, cars, or any other “possession” you can think of. Use possessive adjectives and pronouns.

For example: “Mes parents s’appellent Luc and Lisa. Et les tiens, comment ils s’appellent ?” or “Ma voiture est rouge. De quelle couleur est la tienne ?”

Independent Speaking Exercise:

  • Choose at least five objects, check the French noun and its gender in an online dictionary if necessary. Then, practice the different expressions of possessions using these objects. Make at least three sentences for each object.
  • For example:
    • C’est mon ordinateur.
    • L’ordinateur est à moi.
    • Cet ordinateur est le mien.
    • Ce n’est pas l’ordinateur de ma sœur.
    • Ce n’est pas ton ordinateur.
    • Ce n’est pas le tien.

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