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Indefinite adjectives, pronouns and phrases

Indefinite adjectives, pronouns and phrases

Learning Objectives 

  • Be able to use the different forms of “tout”
  • Be able to use indefinite adjectives, pronouns and phrases
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Key Words & Phrases

Tout le monde ≠ Quelqu’un ≠ Personne

Partout ≠ Quelque part ≠ Nulle part

Tout ≠ Quelque chose ≠ Rien




N’importe qui / n’importe où / n’importe quoi

Peu importe 


Chacun / chacune

Tous / toute(s)






Indefinite adjectives/pronouns and agreements


“n’importe quoi”

“n’importe qui”, “n’importe où”…

Kwiziq: Indefinite pronouns

Grammar Collins Dictionary : indefinite pronouns

Cliffsnotes: Indefinite adjectives

Lawless French: “n’importe”


Lingoni: The adjective “tout”

Learn French with Pascal: “quelqu’un” / “quelque chose”

Learn French with Pascal: “certains”

Parapluie French: “n’importe quoi”


Lawless French: Indefinite adjectives

Cliffsnotes: Indefinite pronouns

ThoughtCo: “n’importe”

Lawless French: “peu importe”


BBC Bitesize: Practice indefinite adjectives

Learn French with Alexa: Practice the forms of “tout”

CoLanguage: Exercises on indefinite adjectives

To learn French: practice “n’importe”

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below.

Translate the following sentences into French.

  • They don’t know anyone here.
  • We are all gathered here today. (note: “to gather”: réunir)
  • Each participant receives a prize.
  • Some of us don’t know anything about cinema.

All of the stars are shining for you. (note: “to shine”: briller)

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below.

Partner Speaking Exercise:

  • Ask your partner 5 questions, using an indefinite adjective, pronoun, and/or phrase. Then ask your partner to ask you questions to prompt you to use indefinite adjectives, pronouns and/or phrases.

Example: Est-ce que tu as lu tous les livres de Victor Hugo ? Est-ce que tu es allergique à certains aliments ?

Independent Speaking Exercise:

  • Try to put the following sentences into a negative form.
    • Je connais tout le monde.
    • Je sais tout !
    • J’ai voyagé partout.
  • Translate the following sentences into French.
    • That would be all, thank you.
    • This is easy. Anyone can do this!
    • I cannot find this book anywhere.

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module.

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