Learning Objectives 

  • Introduce yourself (name)
  • Ask someone their name (formal and informal)
  • Learn the subject pronouns
  • Using the verb “S’appeler” in the indicative present
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Key Words & Phrases

  • Comment t’appelles-tu ?
    • Je m’appelle ______.
  • Comment vous appelez-vous ?
    • Je m’appelle ______.


Subject Pronouns

How to say “my name is” and “what is your name?”

Introductions: Name

LawlessFrench: Subject pronouns

LawlessFrench: Vocabulary: introductions

French Together: Introductions


Learn French with Pascal: “s’appeler” in the present tense 

Learn French with Introductions

Maison des Langues: Examples of people introducing themselves


Dummies: How to make introductions in French

Colanguage: How to introduce yourself in French

FLE Nantes: Introducing yourself


Tex’s French Grammar – practice “s’appeler”

Live Worksheets – practice “s’appeler”

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below. 

  • Comment t’appelles-tu ?
  • Comment s’appelle-t-elle ?
  • Comment s’appelle-t-il ?

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below. 

Partner Speaking Exercise:

On a video call or in-person with a friend, a relative, or a neighbor, introduce yourself and ask what the other person’s name is.

Independent Speaking Exercise:

Practice how to ask for someone’s name in the formal and informal way, and try to introduce different members of your family and friends to practice the use of “s’appeler”.

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module

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