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“Manquer”, “plaire” and “faillir”

“Manquer”, “plaire” and “faillir”

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand how to use “manquer” and “plaire”
  • Understand how to conjugate and use “faillir”
  • Master the object-subject inversion from English into French
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Key Words & Phrases

  • Manquer
    • Sayid manque à Aurélie.
    • Cette soupe manque de sel.
    • J’ai manqué de tomber !
    • Ne manquez pas le prochain épisode !
  • Plaire
    • Ce restaurant me plaît beaucoup.
    • Ce restaurant plaît à tout le monde.
    • Ça me plairait de visiter Paris.
  • Faillir
    • J’ai failli à mon devoir.
    • Il a failli tomber.


“manquer à”



Lawless French: “manquer”

Kwiziq: “plaire”

Lawless French: “faillir”


Comme une Française: Other uses of “manquer”

Learn French with Pascal: “plaire à”

Learn French with Pascal: “faillir”


Kwiziq: Using “manquer à”

Yabla: Using “plaire”

ThoughCo: “faillir” and “faillir à”

Kwiziq: “faillir” + infinitive


Français Facile: practice the prepositions after “manquer”

Lawless French: Translation quiz on “manquer”

Mansfield University: Drag and drop exercise on “plaire”

Le FLE pour les curieux: exercise on “plaire”

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below.

  • Translate the following sentences into English.
    • Ils ont failli manquer de temps.
    • Cette histoire ne me plaît pas.
    • Mes parents nous manquent beaucoup.
  • Translate the following sentences into French, using “manquer”, “plaire” or “faillir”.
    • I miss my dog.
    • They like this house.

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below.

Partner Speaking Exercise:

  • Ask your partner whether they have already almost done, seen, or eaten something. Then, it is your partner’s turn to ask you questions. You must answer in full sentences.
    “Est-ce que tu as déjà failli être en retard à un rendez-vous important ?”

Independent Speaking Exercise:

  • Make as many sentences as possible using the verb “manquer” and the following items. You can make 6 different sentences.
  1. Moi
  2. Mon frère
  3. Mes chiens
  • Make sentences using the following items as subject and the verb “plaire”. You will need to make up the object.

Example: “la voiture” ⟶ La voiture ne leur plaît pas.

  1. Ce repas
  2. Les vacances
  3. Notre maison

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module.

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