Obligations and needs

Obligations and needs

Learning Objectives 

  • Using the verb “devoir” in the indicative present tense
  • Using the verb “falloir” in the indicative present tense
  • Expressing obligations and needs 

Supplemental resources: vocabulary about baking and cooking

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Key Words & Phrases

Il faut

Key phrases

Je dois ___________ (+ infinitive).
J’ai besoin de ___________ (+ noun).
Il faut _____________ (+ noun).
Il faut _____________ (+ infinitive).


Expressing obligation

Expressing obligation

“Devoir” in the present tense

“Il faut”

Kwiziq: “il faut”

Kwiziq: “devoir”

Kwiziq: “avoir besoin de”

Kwiziq: “devoir” vs “avoir besoin de”


Learn French with Vincent: Obligation and necessity

Atelier du français: l’obligation avec “devoir” et “falloir”

Comme une française: Must/Need/Want in French


LeafLanguages: “il faut”

LeafLanguages: “devoir”

LeafLanguages: “avoir besoin de”

Lawless French: using “devoir”

Apprendre TV5 Monde: “Il faut” 

Lawless French: “devoir” vs “falloir”

La vie en français: l’obligation

French Together: Cooking vocabulary

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French Today: Baking terms


Lingolia: “devoir” or “falloir”?

Français facile: “devoir” and “pouvoir”

Le Point du FLE: conjugate “devoir”

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below. 

  • Find here an easy recipe for “crêpes” (pancakes). Try to rewrite it using:
  • “Il faut”/”j’ai besoin de” + ingredients 
  • “il faut” or “devoir” + infinitive

For example: “Pour faire des crêpes, il faut une poêle et un saladier.” or “J’ai besoin d’une poêle et d’un saladier pour faire des crêpes.”

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below. 

Partner Speaking Exercise:

  • With your French-speaking partner, think about things you need to do or must do every day (household duties, hygiene, work, studies, etc.). Ask your partner questions, and tell them about your own obligations using “il faut” and “devoir”.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your French-speaking partner to have a look at the recipe of “crêpes” you wrote!

Independent Speaking Exercise:

Try to answer the questions below as best as you can. You can use an online dictionary for the vocabulary you need.

  • Que dois-tu faire pour améliorer ton français ?
  • Que dois-tu emporter pour des vacances en France ?
  • Que faut-il faire pour maintenir une bonne hygiène ?
  • De quoi as-tu besoin pour cuisiner ?

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module

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