Talking about dates

Talking about dates

Learning Objectives 

  • Interrogative adjective “Quel”
  • Be able to give full dates (days, months, and years)
  • Ask and talk about events and dates
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Key Words & Phrases




La semaine dernière

L’année prochaine

Quel jour sommes-nous, aujourd’hui ?

Quelle est ta date de naissance ?



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Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below. 

Answer the following questions. Try to write down all the numbers in letters.

  • Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire ?
  • A quelle date fête-t-on Noël ?
  • Quelle est la date d’anniversaire de ___________ (insert name of relative, friend or pet) ?
  • Quand les Français fêtent-ils la Fête Nationale (“Bastille day”) ? 

You can check parts of your answer thanks to this useful tool: Numbers to French letters converter

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below. 

Partner Speaking Exercise:

  • With a partner, have a look at a calendar and discuss important dates for yourselves and your country/ies.

Ask your partner questions using “quelle est la date de”.

Independent Speaking Exercise:

  • Practice saying the dates by reading out the 10 key dates of France history from this French website
  • Find 5 meaningful dates for you (historical, religious, or personal) and practice saying them out loud.

Don’t forget you can check you are saying the year correctly by using this date converter.

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module

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