Talking about occupations and nationality

Talking about occupations and nationality

Learning Objectives 

  • Using “être” (to be) in the indicative present 
  • Using “venir de” (to come from) in the indicative present 
  • Be able to talk and ask about occupations and nationalities

Supplemental resources: vocabulary about countries

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Key Words & Phrases

Que fais-tu dans la vie ? / Que faites-vous dans la vie ?
Je suis ___ [profession].
D’où viens-tu ? / D’où venez-vous ?
Je suis ___ [nationality].
Je viens de/du/d’ ___ [country].


Talking about your occupation

Talking about where you come from

Talk about what you do

Talk about what you do

Lawless French: Nationalities

Lawless French: Professions

Podcast français facile: Vocabulary for introductions


Easy Languages: People introducing themselves

Straight-through-the-Channel: Occupations

Straight-through-the-Channel: Origins


Français avec Pierre: Introductions

FluentU: Introduce yourself in French

Talk in French: Vocabulary on occupations

ThoughtCo: Vocabulary on countries, nationalities, and languages

Apprendre TV5 Monde: Countries and nationalities

Podcast Français Facile: Countries, nationalities, and capitals


Learn French with Alexa: Practise the present tense of ‘être’

Lawless French: Profession Quiz

Live Worksheets: Practice nationalities in both genders

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below. 

You have just received an instant message from Antoine on your language app, try to answer it as best as you can. You can use an online dictionary to find the vocabulary you need.

  • “Je suis informaticien. Je suis américain, je viens de Washington. Et toi ?”

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below. 

Partner Speaking Exercise:

Introduce yourself to someone, saying your name, occupation, nationality, and where you come from; ask the other person some questions about their occupation and where they come from. You can use an online dictionary to find the vocabulary you need.

Independent Speaking Exercise:

Practice introductions by introducing the people below in French.

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module

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