About this course

The team at All Language Resources has tried out an incredible number of language-learning tools. There are those we’ve tried out in pursuit of our personal language goals, and there are plenty more that we’ve investigated for the purpose of helping others find the best resources available.

Through interacting with so many different resources, it’s clear that there is an abundance of quality learning material of all types and at all levels — and much of it is free. This course was born of the idea that there’s more than enough free content available for the self-directed learner — you just have to know where to look. 

We’ve drawn on years of experience navigating the language-learning sphere, pulling from our favorite resources and integrating them with our own curriculum to curate a free, fully fledged course. 

All that said, there’s no course that works for every learner, and this isn’t an exception. If this course isn’t quite working for you for some reason, fear not: there are plenty of others to choose from. Here are some of our favorite courses for learning Spanish.

How to Use the Course

We’ve aimed to make the course as intuitive as possible. Each lesson covers a specific topic of the language and will contain links to resources for learning and practicing that topic. The basic layout of each lesson includes the following sections:

Learning Objectives

This is a short description of what you’ll learn in the lesson.

Key Words & Phrases

Here you’ll see specific examples of the language you’ll learn in the lesson. You should be able to use these words and phrases by the end of the lesson.


This is where the instructional content lives. The three subcategories here are titled Watch, Read, and Similar Content. There’s no need to use all of the content here; the variety of instructional material is to cater to different types of learners and to ensure that the material is fully covered. Use as many or as few as you need.


The practice opportunities provided in each lesson are links to interactive exercises or speaking and writing prompts. Use one of our recommended tutor platforms or writing feedback tools to take full advantage of these.

Each lesson also comes with its own flashcard sentences. These sentences contain vocabulary or grammar learned in the lesson and will be instrumental in building your knowledge base. All of the flashcards have been loaded into Anki.