Latin American vs. Spain Spanish

Latin American vs. Spain Spanish

Learning Objectives 

  • Recognize the main differences between Spanish spoken in Latin America & Spain.
  • Students realize how this distinction impacts the course. 
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Babbel Espanol



Learn Spanish World

Babbel USA (accents) 

Maestro Kaplan (vosotros vs. ustedes)


The Intrepid Guide 

Gritty Spanish (vosotros vs. ustedes) 

Gritty Spanish (accents)

  • The course is intended for people learning any dialect of Spanish. 
  • For simplicity, the examples used in the course come from Latin American Spanish. This includes some grammatical and vocabulary differences compared to Spanish from Spain. 
  • In general, the video/written content selected for the course uses Spanish from both continents.  
  • Some video content, however, is exclusively geared for learners of Latin American Spanish.
  • You’ll find the majority of the written content selected is more general and offers Spanish from both, including the grammatical distinction between vosotros / ustedes.  
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