Spanish Learning Advice Library

This library is a place to find content related to language learning. The purpose of the articles and videos here is to help you with the how of learning a language. It’s a long, personal journey, and many have documented their favorite methods, ideas, and practices. 

While there may not be a one-size-fits-all miracle study method, exposure to how others have approached the process can be instrumental in helping you form your own. Use this library for direction, clarification, reassurance, and motivation.

Language Learning

The articles in this category cover the broad topic of language learning. Explore this section to learn more about related terms and different theories about language acquisition.

What Is Fluency? 

The Intermediate Plateau 

Making Mistakes 

Can I Learn Spanish Without Being in a Spanish-Speaking Country? 

How to Create an Immersion Bubble 

What Is Comprehensible Input and How Do I Use It? 

Thinking in Your Target Language Vs. Translating 

Tips for Overcoming Anxiety 

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

How to Break Out of The Silent Phase 

TEDx Talk on the Fear of Speaking a New Language 

How to Get Native Speakers to Talk to You in Spanish 

How Much Grammar Do I Need to Study? 

Why We Struggle Learning Languages 

What Is Holistic Language Learning? 

How to Not Forget a Foreign Language 

How to Move From Intermediate to Advanced in a Foreign Language 

Two Tips from 25 Experts

Advanced Language Learners: How to Keep Making Progress 

3 Language Learning Tips for Experts 

How to Improve Your Advanced Language Skills 

The Point of Diminishing Returns When Learning a Language


This is arguably the most crucial aspect of a language learning journey. It takes some serious time to develop language skills, and staying motivated along the way can be a difficult task. In this section, you’ll find out how others tackle this element of language learning and hopefully pick up some tips that you can implement yourself.

How Do I Stay Motivated? 

How Quickly Can I Expect to Improve? 

Having Fun With Language Learning 

10 Kick-Ass Tips to Learn Any Language From Scratch 

How Do I Deal With Burnout? 

Learning a Language in a Trance 

Am I a Failure if I Don’t Stick to Language Goals? 

A Moment of Language Learning Motivation for Anyone Who Needs It 

What to Do If Your Language Skills Suck 

Do I Need Talent to Learn a Language?

Specific Skills

There are plenty of methods for improving language skills, and the best way to practice speaking probably won’t be an effective strategy for developing stronger reading or writing skills. The content in this section deals with different approaches to learning specific language skills.

Improving Spanish skills 

Listening vs. Reading: How to Balance Them When Learning a Language 

A Tip for Reading a Novel in Your Target Language 

How to Read in a Foreign Language… Even as a Complete Beginner! 

Intensive vs. Extensive Reading for Language Learning 

What is Extensive Reading? 

When to Start Speaking a Foreign Language? 

How can I get over my fear of speaking? 

10 Great Ways to Practice Speaking in Your New Language 

10 Amazing Ways to Improve Your Listening Comprehension 

How can I improve my pronunciation? 

How to Roll Your Rs 

Do You Need a “perfect” Accent? 

How to Sound Like a Native Speaker 


The Soft Skills in Language Learning That Nobody Talks About 

10 Golden Rules for Great Pronunciation in Any Language 

Why You Should Learn Slang 

Methods for Learning Slang 

The Role of Writing in Language Learning 

Study Methods

Check out the links in this category to get insight into what effective study looks like — the techniques and methodologies that others use.

What Is SRS? 

Anki Tutorial 

Is Anki Useless? 

Anki, Flashcards, Language Learning Habits 

How Often Should I Study? 

Tips for a Productive Study Routine 

Language Learning Morning Routine 

How to Find Time to Study When You’re Busy 

How Long Should You Study Each Day? 

Setting Goals 

Advanced Language Learning Activities That Often Surprise People 

Ways to Track Progress 

Filling Out New Tracking Sheets Rob MacPherson 

Lindsay Does Language Tracking 

How to Measure Progress in Language Learning 

What Words Should I Study? 

How Many Words Do You Need to Speak a Language? 

Winza101 Notebook Example 

Sunshine & Stationery Notebook Example 

5-Minute Language Notebook Example 

How to Find the Right Teacher 

How to Spot a Great Language Tutor 

How to Learn With Subtitles 

How to Make the Most of Language Exchanges 

How to Learn Languages With Video Games 

Music and Language Learning – 7 Benefits 

Learning a Language Through Movies