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8 Best Podcasts To Learn Czech

Learning Czech is considered by many to be pretty difficult, especially if you currently only speak English. English and Czech have very different roots, as Czech is a Slavic language, which means that the way you formulate sentences, verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and all sorts of other parts of speech are incredibly different.

However, don’t let this fact deter you from learning Czech, which, by doing so, opens the door to learning other Slavic languages more easily, such as Russian or Polish.

With the right tools, you can learn Czech just as you would any other European language. One of the tools you definitely should make use of? Language-learning podcasts.

They can be an awesome complement to language-learning courses online or in person. Podcasts are readily available, can be listened to just about any time or anywhere and are often free or budget-friendly.

Wondering which podcasts might help you learn Czech? Try one of these eight options. You’re sure to find something that fits your skill level and interests.

Podcasts for Beginners

Beginner-level podcasts often start you off right at the beginning. You don’t need to know even an iota of Czech in order to start using them. They’ll hold your hand and guide you through your first vocabulary words, the Czech alphabet and learning how to string basic words together to form sentences.


Learn Czech with a range of beginner and more advanced podcast episodes from CzechClass101. The series covers all kinds of Czech language-related subjects, from basic vocabulary words to cultural topics to basic tip-type topics that include ways to get the most out of your Czech language lessons.

You’ll find plenty of episodes that are on the short side, so even if you have less than 10 minutes, you can get a little learning in. The majority of the CzechClass101 content is hidden behind a paywall that requires a subscription, but prices aren’t terribly expensive. Learn more when you read our full review of CzechClass101.

One Minute Czech

While this podcast is no longer being updated, it still offers a few episodes that can help you on your journey to learning to speak Czech fluently. While episodes aren’t actually one minute in length, they are all pretty short and are easy to follow for the beginner. The podcast provides you with just a taste of the language, jumpstarting your love for learning Czech and preparing you to move on to more difficult concepts.

Learn Czech

This older podcast is also no longer active, but it provides more than 10 episodes, all under half an hour in length, that offer an introduction to basic vocabulary and Czech grammar concepts. In addition to the podcast audio, listeners can access pdf resources on the podcast’s website, to more thoroughly understand the concepts taught in each episode.


When you’ve finally mastered the very basics of the Czech language, it’s time to move on to more difficult challenges.

Czech with Iva

Intermediate Czech language learners will benefit from listening to a few episodes (at least!) of Czech with Iva. The podcast talks about everyday life in the Czech Republic, in the Czech language, all at a speed that’s palatable to intermediate language learners. New episodes are uploaded about every three months or so and most episodes are around 15 minutes long.

Radio Prague International

It’s always a great idea to begin learning more about the culture and history surrounding a language. If you’re wanting to discover more about the development of the Czech language and those who speak it today, as well as their culture, you can tune in to Radio Prague International, to learn more about the issues affecting and viewpoints of those living in and around Prague.


A similar podcast helpful for learning more about the culture, history and lifestyle of Prague and its residents, PragueCast is produced by students attending the Prague branch of New York University. There are episodes on a whole range of topics, from death to money, food to fear. You’re sure to find an episode that piques your interest.


If you think you’re getting a pretty good handle on your Czech language learning, you might want to take things to the next level by beginning to listen to podcasts that are entirely spoken in Czech. This can help you understand what you currently comprehend and what you might need to work on in the future. Here are a few advanced learner options.

SBS Czech

Produced by the Special Broadcasting Service, SBS Czech is a podcast that covers world events and news in the Czech language. However, since the podcast takes an international approach, you likely are familiar with the topics covered in the podcast already. This makes it easier for you to follow along and learn new vocabulary words that are applicable to your everyday life. The SBS Czech podcast is very active, with new episodes being uploaded on a regular basis, so you nearly always have something new to listen to, learn from and enjoy.


Enjoy rap music? Then you might enjoy listening to rap music in Czech. Check out this podcast stream from D-Toc, an underground rapper from Prague known for his mixtapes and promo tracks. All episodes are in the Czech language and there are plenty to choose from. Most are just a few minutes long and while the podcast is updated infrequently, it is still updated on occasion.

Final Thoughts

While learning Czech definitely isn’t the easiest challenge, you can still learn enjoyably with the help of the multitude of tools available online. Whether you’re learning Czech in a more structured, in-person environment, or via an online course, listening to podcasts is one way to speed along the learning process faster and more efficiently.

Did we happen to miss a Czech language-learning podcast in our list? Let us know about it!

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