Discounts on Chinese Learning Resources

Yoyo ChineseYoyo Chinese has good and extensive courses for learning Mandarin. There are video lessons, review exercises and quizzes. It may have the best online courses for learning Chinese. Review.Use the coupon code 10NRES to get 15% off any course.
The Chairman's BaoTCB is a simplified newspaper written for people studying Chinese. There are new stories every day written at different levels. It's available online or from the app. It's a fantastic way to get reading and listening practice. Review.Use the coupon code "alr20tcb" to get 20% off any individual subscription.
ChineseFor.UsChineseFor.Us is a new platform for learning Chinese with several courses and new ones being added. I've been extremely impressed by the quality and thoroughness of their lessons. Review. Use the coupon code "alr15off" to get 15% off your subscription.
ChinesePodChinesePod is probably the best resource for learning Chinese. It's a podcast with a massive library of lessons. Premium users get access to a bunch of extra learning materials. Review. Use the coupon code "ALLLANG50" to get $50 off an annual premium subscription.
Du ChineseDu Chinese is an incredibly well designed app. You can practice your reading and listening skills with articles for several levels. It's one of my favourite resources. Review.Use the coupon code "ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES" to get 10% off subscriptions.
HelloChineseHelloChinese is an excellent free app that makes starting to learn Chinese really easy and quick. There are also Premium and Premium+ plans available that are definitely worth considering. Review. Use the coupon code “hcalr15” to save 15% on all Premium+ plans and yearly Premium plans.
Ninchanese Ninchanese is a game created for learning Chinese. Don't underestimate it because it looks cute. The lessons are extremely extensive. You'll learn new words, sentence structures, grammar and improve your speaking and listening ability. Review.Use the coupon code "ALR15OFF" to get 15% off any plan.
ZizzleZizzle is the stupidest app that I happen to love. It uses beautiful images and funny stories to use as mnemonics. It makes remembering characters and their components much easier. ReviewUse the coupon code "ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES" to get 15% off all 3-month and annual subscriptions, as well as packs.
SpeechlingSpeechling is a new website and app that will help you improve your speaking skills. You'll mimic lots of sentences and compare your recording to a native speaker. You can then get feedback on your pronunciation from a teacher. Review.Use the coupon code "ALR123" to get a 10% discount for the entire length of your subscription.
Chinese Zero to Hero!Chinese Zero to Hero! is one of the most affordable and well structured courses for learning Mandarin. Lessons are video based and very high quality. You'll be tempted to ditch your textbook. Review.Use the coupon code "ALR15" to get 15% off any course.
Lingo BusLingo Bus would be my top choice if I were looking for an online course for my child. Their lessons are specifically for children between 5-12 years old. They have a well designed curriculum and professional teachers. Use the referral code "V44Y5A" to get two free classes with your first purchase; in addition to a free demo lesson.
GlossikaIn my opinion Glossika is overpriced but it's still quite useful. It relies on repeating sentences and utilizes spaced repetition software. By mimicking lots of sentences, you'll improve your speaking rhythm and comfort, as well as vocabulary. Review. Save $5 on a subscription by clicking this link.
Learn Chinese From MoviesBefore using LCFM, I found watching movies in Chinese too much of a hassle. However, with English, Chinese and Pinyin subtitles - it's much easier to understand a full movie and use it as a learning resource. Review.Use the coupon code "ALR-30$-off-yearly" to get $30 off a basic yearly package.
SkritterSkritter is the best way to learn how to write Chinese characters. It uses SRS and stroke recognition software to make studying more fun and efficient. You can use Skritter as an app or from their website. Use the coupon code "alllanguageresources" to get 45% off your first month. You can also try it for free with a one week trial period.
Chinese Class 101ChineseClass101 has high quality lessons and is less expensive than most alternatives. It's ideal for beginner level students. ReviewUse the coupon code "ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES" to get 25% off your subscription.
e Chinese LearningeChineseLearning is one of the oldest websites for finding a Mandarin tutor. You can find lessons based around pretty much any interest you may have. The teachers are qualified and experienced. Review.Mention All Language Resources when you sign up for a 3 month or longer package and you'll get one week free.