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Domino Chinese Mini-Review: The Answer to Your Struggles

Domino Chinese
Price: Freemium, monthly plans starting at $3/mo
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Domino Chinese provides an affordable and entertaining path to learning Chinese. If you’re someone who has struggled to stay motivated, or if you have been overwhelmed with Chinese characters, Felix, the creator, has developed a manageable series of lessons to set you up for success. From lesson one, you will learn the logic of character composition and problem-solve the meanings of new words.

Each level is about 10 hours long, and after level 10, the courses are entirely in Chinese. For supplementary material, they have printable character grids with stroke order diagrams, a workbook, and vocabulary sheets. The workbook gets you to break down characters into different parts, create new words, and practice integrating the new concepts from each lesson.

Apparently you will reach an academic level of Chinese if you go through all of the levels. However, this seems far too optimistic. The success stories on the site are from students who have had private tutors or lived in China during their studies, so Domino Chinese alone will probably not take you to fluency. This course seems most appropriate for casual learners, as the earlier videos use lots of English and build the concepts quite slowly. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, faster-paced course, check out Chinese For Us.

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