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Fabulang Mini Review: Fun Stories to Help You Practice and Improve Your Reading Skills





Are you learning English, French or Italian, and you’re having a hard time finding a resource to practice your reading? We have a great resource that you could check out.

Fabulang is a language learning website with an ever-growing collection of fun, original short stories written at all 6 CEFR levels, each with English, French and Italian translations. The stories aim to help you learn while also keeping you entertained and engaged. 

Fabulang works with any combination of English, French and Italian—Italian to French, French to English, English to French etc.—allowing you to read the stories side-by-side or paragraph-by-paragraph in these languages. You can also just read the stories in the target language without the translation if your native language isn’t available. You can’t check the meaning of words, though, you’ll have to compare the entire paragraph. But pair Fabulang with a dictionary, and you’re good to go!

The platform lets you compare texts side-by-side, one paragraph at a time, making it easy to learn new words and phrases. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, finding stories that cater to your proficiency level won’t be difficult. Furthermore, the website is fast, beautifully designed, easy to use and accessible through mobile. 

Fabulang only has 3 languages available at the moment—more European languages will be added in the future—and the website only offers reading material and nothing beyond that. However, the content that’s already available is enough to help you practice and improve your reading comprehension. 

If you are learning either English, Italian or French, and need a resource to help you strengthen your reading skills, then Fabulang is a great website to try.

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