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French by French Mini-Review: Learn French From Scratch

French by French

Rating 3.7



French by French integrates four main characters into a series of short dialogues to help you learn how to read, write, and speak French. Each lesson contains a dialogue with a recording by (seemingly) professional voice actors. Don’t worry if the dialogues seem short at first; they will get longer as you progress through the levels. Next, you will read the English translation and the new vocabulary from the lesson. You can skip the following grammar explanations to dive into translation exercises — these exercises are composed of words you have already learned, which will help you become comfortable using them in a variety of contexts. The beginner and intermediate lessons each contain 50 lessons. From lesson 1, you will hear the dialogues spoken at a relatively natural speed (but there is a slow version available until beginner level 2). Unfortunately, the advanced level has very few resources, so you will have to go elsewhere to advance your skills. The exercises are not as gamified as in apps like Duolingo or Lingodeer. However, if you enjoy reading, French by French will help you systematically advance your language skills. Combine your learning with videos from Alice Ayel’s YouTube Channel for beginners, or innerFrench for intermediate learners, and you’ll develop a foundation of French in no time.

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