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Hanping Chinese Dictionary Mini-Review: Good, But it’s No Pleco

Hanping Dictionary

Rating 3.8

$ 3.99


Hanping Dictionary is a Chinese dictionary app for Cantonese and Mandarin. It is somewhat comparable to Pleco‘s functionality, with a few moderate differences. Although Pleco has a larger database of example sentences, even for rarely used words, the curated examples that Hanping includes seem more relevant to everyday life. Unfortunately, you have to pay for Hanping’s English translations of the example sentences. Hanping uses tags that you can easily add to any word. It also has an exceptional feature that allows you to sort characters by tone pairs. Do you want to practice the 4-3 tone combination, or 3-3? Search the tone-pair tag and you will receive a list of words that follow your specifications — some or all with which you can make a special pronunciation deck in AnkiDroid. There is also the free Soundboard that provides pronunciation for every Pinyin initial and final syllable combination available — an excellent tool for anyone working on pronunciation. If it wasn’t for the fact that most of Hanping’s basic functions require an additional purchase, it could be a moderate competitor for Pleco. As it is, Pleco is still the best free option and offers more features and add-ons overall.

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