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Hello English Mini-Review: Poor English Translations

Hello English – 3 

Before describing Hello English, it is important to note that there are several English translation errors within the app.

Hello English will help you learn English from 22 native languages. There are 475 different lessons with different interactive activities. The grammar explanations provide both functional translations, comparisons between your native language and English grammar, and direct translations into your native language in order to help you understand the structure of English.

Learners can enjoy daily news and videos, conversation and speaking practice games, multiplayer activities, and lots of vocabulary and grammar practice.

The English audio uses automated text-to-speech, which is a shame as this is an app that aims to teach pronunciation. The English in the app is sometimes quite awkward or completely incorrect. It also has some awkward suggestions for formal speech, such as “kindly grant me a leave for today,” and sentences that don’t make grammatical sense, such as “I wanted to request some vacation for three days.”

Only certain lessons are free; most of it requires a pretty affordable monthly membership. With a monthly membership there is live speaking practice, what seems like an SRS system, and more interactive activities.

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The rating is our best guess, but we haven’t yet had the opportunity to fully test and review this resource.

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