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iChineseReader Mini-Review: Leveled Reading for K-12 Schools


Rating 4.5

$ 7.99


iChineseReader is a website (not to be confused with the app) for K-12 students. It has several programs tailored to the needs of US schools, although the content could surely be used all around the world. Chinese immersion schools will be pleased to find books that place their focus beyond Chinese language learning to topics like science, social studies, IB Chinese, and AP prep. The content includes best-selling children’s books, fiction, and nonfiction by native Chinese publishers. The books are narrated by native speakers, with pinyin and characters integrated within beautifully animated pictures. Students can write, record themselves, draw, do quizzes, or play puzzle games to improve multiple language learning capacities (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). The hundreds of quizzes available are professionally designed to meet the requirements of the ACTFL. Students can influence the ending of stories and find hidden animations by clicking on different parts of the images. They can also earn points by reading books and doing quizzes to earn access to Chinese games. iChineseReader has more to offer than can be described in 200 words. There is a 14-day trial available for individuals and teachers alike to see if the program suits your needs. Although iChineseReader could also benefit individual learners, Du Chinese and The Chairman’s Bao are also excellent resources for graded Chinese reading.