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Japanese With Noriko Mini-Review: BIte-Sized Listening Practice

Japanese With Noriko

Rating 4.6



Noriko is a qualified Japanese teacher with an education degree who provides podcasts, YouTube videos, and Italki classes for Japanese learners. On her website, you can find transcripts of her podcasts and videos with translations of difficult vocabulary words. Her resources seem most appropriate for upper beginner to intermediate learners. Noriko speaks at a relatively natural speed but articulates clearly in her bite-sized episodes. She speaks almost entirely in Japanese, except to occasionally translate one word here and there (although some YouTube videos have full-sentence translations). She also repeats new vocabulary words multiple times throughout the episodes to help with retention. Although she only started her episodes in February 2020, there are already hundreds of podcasts for your listening enjoyment. Her YouTube videos have various focuses: sometimes she will publish a short story with subtitles, other times you may listen to her talk about vocabulary words specific to everyday contexts. For example, you may learn what to say when you are sick, how to talk about your work, or how to describe the textures of food or drink. Listening to one of Noriko’s episodes can fit into anyone’s schedule; you will surely feel accomplished even after a 5-minute lesson.