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Kannada Alphabet Mini Review: It’s Good, But Not Enough

Kannada Alphabet
Price: Free – and ad-free, too!
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With the Kannada Alphabet app from, you’ll practice pairing the Kannada character to the right transliteration. It makes heavy use of audio files. 

However, it doesn’t teach you how to write the script, so you’ll need to pair it with another app such as Kannada101 or practice on your own. It could be further improved with a record yourself or speaking option.

We also feel it could do with more quizzes and drilling, especially as you move into later lessons. The app is divided into 11 different sections, each one teaching you 4–5 characters. The quizzes are built into the sections and test you on the characters from the same section and the one before. In other words, Vowels – Part 3 will drill you on the material from Vowels – Part 3 and Vowels – Part 2 but not Vowels – Part 1. We found ourselves quickly forgetting characters from earlier sections and mixing them up.

Bear in mind that you also have to provide an email address in order to use the app.

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