Kannada Baruthe Mini Review: A Very Basic Word List App

Kannada Baruthe

Rating 2.2



Kannada Baruthe contains 13 thematic word and phrase lists, going from colors and fruits to talking to a maid or personal driver. It has some very specific and useful phrases, such as “I have a bag,” “give me a paper bag,” and “sorry, I do not have change.” Finding trustworthy and relevant word lists can be challenging, so we can see how Kannada Baruthe would be a useful app. Yet you’ll have to exit the app to drill the vocabulary. There are no quizzes, games, or flash card systems built into it. What’s more, while each word comes with an audio recording, they aren’t written in the Kannada script. We feel that there are better options out there for learning Kannada, such as Kannada Kalike (reviewed here), KannadaGottilla (reviewed here), Learn Kannada from bhasha.io (reviewed here), or even uTalk (reviewed here). Alternatively, if you do decide to use Kannada Baruthe, we recommend adding the word lists to Anki or a similar flashcard app so you can drill and memorize them.