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Kannada Kalike Mini Review: A Decent Course for Beginners

Kannada Kalike
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Kannada Kalike, whose name means “learning Kannada”, will introduce you to the very basics of Kannada. It seems like a good choice for absolute beginners, although you’ll likely want to pair it with flash cards, further writing practice, and some additional word lists.

The course starts with the alphabet before taking you through some of the language’s main grammatical features. It combines videos, text explanations, and a small amount of homework. Each lesson is clear and comprehensive, if a little dry.

It also has a limited selection of additional video modules that will test your listening and introduce you to some extra vocabulary.

The course seems to be well-designed and structured, and we feel that it would be a good starting place. However, you’ll quickly want more in-depth and detailed options in order to have natural conversations.

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