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Do you have an interest in Arabic? Are you looking for some effective ways to learn Arabic online?

If the answer is yes, don’t look further because you’re in the right place. This article will be providing you with some key points for better navigation when you are at the beginning of your journey to learn Arabic online:

  • The advantages of learning Arabic online
  • The best ways to learn Arabic online
  • Challenges and solutions for learning Arabic online language

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

How can you benefit from learning Arabic?

Before diving deeper into practical guidance to learn Arabic online, we’ll show you some reasons why this language is worth being heeded.

First and foremost, Arabic is widely used in a variety of countries all over the world. By knowing how to speak this language, there is no need to hire an interpreter to accompany you to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan… 

Besides, learning a foreign language is a decent way to beautify your curriculum. Thus, learning Arabic online can help you get the spotlight in a job interview, especially when you are applying to a company with high priority for this language.

Plus, studying Arabic allows you to experience a brand-new culture with different norms and lifestyles from your original one. This enriches your knowledge and even changes your attitudes towards events revolving around you.

Spectacularly, you can totally study your favorite language Arabic free of charge with the support of the Internet. It would be a pity if you don’t make use of plentiful learning materials out there such as online free Arabic courses or audio/video records by native speakers,…Especially, online learning gives you the highest flexibility to organize the lessons depending on your schedules. 

Arabic is a popular language and it surely benefits you in many ways. Let’s continue to scroll down as we’ll cover the most effective methods to learn Arabic online that you are waiting for in the next section. 

5 best practices to learn Arabic online

We fully understand that learning a new language is always challenging at first, especially when you want to study online. Hence, in the next paragraphs, we’ll show you the best ways to learn Arabic online. Let’s get it!

1. Set up detailed objectives

It is crucial for you to set up detailed objectives before starting to learn Arabic online. By doing this, you’ll be able to organize a proper schedule to absorb new knowledge effectively. 

Besides, a clear learning purpose allows you to keep your motivation of learning Arabic online. The reason lies in the fact that it’s easier to get bored when studying alone, especially when you don’t live in an Arabic-speaking country and expose to this language every day.

Most importantly, setting up transparent learning objectives helps you evaluate your learning progress within a specific period of time. Simply compare what you achieve today to the closet milestone you’ve established. For example, you need to memorize 100 new Arabic words within 7 days, unfortunately, you only know how to write and pronounce 75 words at the end of this period, which means you fail your short-term objective. As a result, you may need to distribute more time learning Arabic online.

2. Enroll in a quality Arabic online course

Taking an online Arabic class would be a great option for beginners who are embarking on learning this language from scratch. The biggest plus of this method is that you’ll grasp a better overview of the study itinerary. Plus, teachers and class tutors are always available to help you go through the lessons in an easier way than that of studying on your own.

However, please keep in mind that there are a lot of Arabic online courses out there. Hence, high chances are that you would end up paying money for a low-quality class. A quick tip for you is browsing through reviews from other students of that course to make sure that it meets your expectations.

3. Find a conversation partner 

It is no exaggeration to state that immersing yourself in a language is the best way to learn it. That’s the reason why many people choose to live and study abroad to learn a new language efficiently. However, you can still create an Arabic-speaking environment even though you are not living in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the like. 

Instead of going to another nation, you can find a partner to practice conversational dialogues with. They can be one of your friends or family members who are planning to learn Arabic online. Besides, you can join a forum or community where numerous people share the same interest in studying Arabic through the Internet and ask them for a collaboration.  

4. Take advantage of the language apps

In case you cannot find someone who supports you to learn Arabic online, don’t worry. You can take full advantage of top-rated language apps like Duolingo, Drops, Memrise,… They come with a reservoir of vocabulary exercises for Arabic learners to memorize new words quickly. 

Especially, most apps will divide your lessons into different levels (Basic, Intermediate, Fluent). It may depend on the number of new words you need to accumulate before moving to the next level. Hence, you can easily choose a suitable level with the language apps’ suggestions.

5. Have fun with Arabic

Undoubtedly, doing something with a great passion will give you 200% of the energy to try your best. The same principle is applied to your way to learn Arabic online. 

Question yourself: Do you like reading books? Are you fond of music? Do you usually spend your spare time watching TV shows or entertainment programs? Instead of enjoying these above hobbies in your original language, try experiencing them in Arabic! 

It may be difficult for you to understand a book or a song written in Arabic at the beginning. However, hard work pays off and you’ll gradually find it easier to digest the information. 

Learning Arabic online: difficulties and solutions

Arabic is an interesting language that comes with a plethora of positives, namely, job opportunities, cultural enrichment,… However, it’s never easy for a beginner to learn a new language because it has different alphabetical and grammar systems. Moving to this part, we’ll list some obstacles when you learn Arabic online and recommend some solutions to overcome these problems.

Sophisticated writing & grammar system

It’s a fact that Arabic is a popular language in a lot of countries. However, the learners will experience different dialects of Arabic depending on various regions. Hence, you need to select a specific dialect to start with to avoid confusion. 

The writing system of Arabic would be a challenge for English or those who are familiar with the Latin-based alphabet because it has 28 script letters. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to write as long as you spend time memorizing them.

However, the hardest part of learning Arabic online is the pronunciation because it features a lot of vowel words. This means you need to practice over and over again. Or else, no one can understand what you are saying, leading to awkward situations in conversation. 

Besides pronunciation, grammar is always one of the most struggling parts of studying a new language. Especially, Arabic speakers use the order Verb-Subject-Object to express their thoughts into speech, which is a little bit confusing. Also, you need to pay great attention to the form of verbs and nouns according to number, gender, contextual situations,…

Lack of direct interaction

Apparently, online learning requires you to dig into various sources on the Internet and find out the most proper learning materials for your own purposes. Besides that, you’ll never improve your skills without practice while there is no interaction with someone who also speaks Arabic as you’re online.

To conquer this problem, the best way is to find a conversation partner which is mentioned above. You and your friend can arrange 3 days a week to practice speaking after choosing a specific topic, or review grammar exercises together.

Technical issues

Digital devices like smartphones, laptops, or tablets are indispensable for a student to learn Arabic online. With an Internet connection, you are able to expose to various learning materials such as e-books, exercises, videos, audio,…or participate in an online Arabic course. 

However, let’s imagine what should you do if your Internet connection is not stable or your computer suddenly loses all your learning materials due to the error of the current Windows version? That’s terrible, isn’t it? Therefore, we highly recommend that you create a backup file that contains synchronized data of what you have learned.


In this article, we’ve walked you through the benefits of learning Arabic online and some best ways to study this language productively. Also, we provide several challenges you may face and recommend proper solutions to address the problems. Our Study Guide has lots of learning tips and resources mentioned. We do hope that these articles will be helpful as you start learning Arabic online.

Keep following us to get more useful tips and tricks for your life and study!

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