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Learn German DeutschAkademie Mini-Review: Grammar Only

Learn German DeutschAkademie
Price: Free
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Learn German by DeutschAkademie is a simple, free app that offers grammar exercises for levels A1 – C1 on the CEFR scale. It was designed by German Language teachers at the DeutschAkademie, a German language school in Germany. The app is not a standalone resource to learn German, but rather a supplement to your current German studies to help you practice grammar. You can choose exercises based on your level, a specific grammar topic, or one of 70 common textbooks. 

Beginners may struggle to use this app, as there are no grammar exercises or English translations beyond the home page. Additionally, there are no instructions for how to respond to the questions, so you will have to use context from the multiple-choice answers to understand what the question is asking.

Overall, Learn German by DeutschAkademie is a useful tool to practice grammar, but if you are looking for a course that will teach you how to speak, read, write, and understand German, you may want to look elsewhere. Deutsche Welle is another free option with short courses and activities, while Lingoni, and Smarter German offer comprehensive courses. 

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