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Learn Kannada in 10 Days

Rating 2.9

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Learn Kannada in 10 Days, predictably, does not deliver on its promise. You won’t have learned the Kannada language in just 10 days of using this app. But what’s disappointing, given the app’s name, is that you won’t even have learned to say “thank you,” “I have” or “eleven.” There’s actually more than one way to use this app. If you use it as it’s designed, you’ll study a different word list each day. There’s no spaced repetition or flash card system, however. You’re just presented with a word list and audio recordings. You can also test your recall by taking a quiz, but given that you’ll be tested on the entire course, this probably isn’t a good idea until you’ve completed it. Alternatively, you can do the “flexi courses”, which will present you with longer word lists, or study “grammar” – by which the app means the Kannada script. In its defence, however, there were some positive things about Learn Kannada in 10 Days. You can practice writing the Kannada script with your finger and you can also study through four different languages. And, in what is probably our favorite feature, the Entertainment section links out to Kannada-language songs and videos online.