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Learn Malayalam with EliKutty Mini Review: 1 Minute Lessons

Learn Malayalam with EliKutty
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Learn Malayalam with EliKutty is a frequently updated YouTube channel that mixes one-minute Malayalam lessons with videos about “EliKutty”’s life with her Malayali husband.

EliKutty, aka Eliza Keyton, is an English teacher and US expat. While not a native speaker, her lessons have a pedagogical foundation and are easy to understand.

Her One Minute Malayalam series will help you learn things like different ways to say “no” or “give” and how to make conditional sentences. She also has a six-video series on how to learn the Malayalam script, which nicely explains the subtle differences in pronunciation.

The content can seem unstructured, so it’s not ideal for complete beginners. However, if you’re a beginner Malayalam student, you will likely find it a short-and-sweet way to supplement your studies.

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