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Learn Thai From a White Guy Mini-Review: Learn Fast for $$$

Learn Thai From a White Guy
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Brett, the founder of Learn Thai From a White Guy, spent 12 years developing a system for learning Thai. He offers 4 courses which will help you have basic conversations, even if you’re starting from scratch. You will first work on reading and pronunciation, then develop your skills in core conversational sentences. Finally, you will dive into everyday dialogues.

Brett emphasizes the importance of learning the sound system in order to advance quickly in your Thai studies. He also ensures that everything he teaches you can be applied right away; if you are not fully satisfied after your first course, which should take about 10-20 hours, he will give you a refund on your purchase. You will have additional learning resources, such as flashcards and audio, plus unlimited email support during your self-study. With the lifetime membership, you will receive 2 coaching sessions and 2 personalized reading exercises.

Unfortunately, the courses are quite expensive — other more affordable options include ThaiPod101 and Learn Thai Podcast.

The current rating is our best estimate. We haven’t had the opportunity yet to more thoroughly evaluate this resource, as we do for our full reviews.

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