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Rating 4.2

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LearnHebrewPod makes up for its lack of modern interface with quality teaching and content. Each of the 70 speaking lessons are broken down into three sections; they are in the form of a podcast, with an interactive transcript to accompany the dialogue. The first section of each lesson starts with a dialogue at a semi-natural speed, narrated by native speakers. Then, they break down the dialogue syllable by syllable to ensure that you understand the pronunciation. The next step is to review new vocabulary and grammar before putting it all together to practice what you learned. The second and third section of each lesson will deepen your understanding and provide more opportunities to practice the lesson content. As the lessons increase in difficulty, the speakers seem to gradually add the words you have learned into their explanations. By the advanced lessons, they will say almost everything in both Hebrew and English. This may get confusing, however, as they say each sentence in both languages, as if they are part of the same thought. This could both take you out of the immersive experience, and be a lot of input at the same time. Besides the lessons themselves, there are also extra activities to test your vocabulary and understanding of the lesson. It seems that you can choose to go beyond the Speaking Hebrew course and study reading or Jewish Prayers.

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