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Linguaphone Mini-Review: Thorough but Vintage

Price: Courses cost between £24.95 - £279.90
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Linguaphone has been providing language-learning content since 1901. The principles of the Linguaphone method are that “You learn faster when you enjoy what you are doing,” and “You make progress if the sort of language you learn is useful and presented in a believable, familiar context.”

Through the acts of listening, understanding, and speaking, the program can teach you to read, write, and have an authentic accent in your target language. Apparently you will develop an active vocabulary and will be able to say that you truly speak the language.

They offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses in several languages. Each course is available as a hard copy, with CDs and books, and some can be downloaded directly from the site.

Although the artwork and content has been updated throughout the years, until maybe the 1990s, it’s difficult to find any images or videos of the course that do not depict extremely traditional gender roles. The course is thorough, but it does not seem to contain modern content.

You can try the courses developed by the Foreign Services Institute for an equally thorough, free-but-still-vintage alternative.

The current rating is our best estimate. We haven’t had the opportunity yet to more thoroughly evaluate this resource, as we do for our full reviews.

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