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MOSAlingua Mini-Review: Provides a Great Foundation

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Mosalingua – 4 

MOSAlingua emphasizes efficiency and showing your progress through spaced repetition methods. Like all apps with a Spaced Repetition System, MOSAlingua will prompt you to study words based on the natural forgetting curve, so you will be quizzed on the words you are about to forget, eventually imprinting them in your long-term memory. It seems to provide a solid foundation for vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, but you will need support from other resources if you are hoping to achieve fluency.

After choosing your level or taking a placement test, you can learn through their bank of premade lessons and dialogues, or choose which flashcards you would like to focus on. As you progress, bonus lessons such as proverbs, quotes, jokes, and fun facts can inspire you to achieve more in your learning. To better understand new phrases, the app links to WordReference, Tatoeba, Twitter, and Google pronunciation to give you more context.

If ever you are on the road and can’t look at a screen, hands-free mode will help you learn new phrases or review old ones by focusing on listening and repeating. All the content is offline, so you don’t have to worry about data or wifi for your studies.

Unlike most other apps, upgrading to premium from the free content is permanent, although some bonus content comes at an additional cost.

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The rating is our best guess, but we haven’t yet had the opportunity to fully test and review this resource.

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