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Mini-Review of Progress with Lawless French: Grammar + AI

Progress with Lawless French

Rating 3.6

$ 9.49


Progress with Lawless French is a branded French study program created in partnership between the Kwiziq platform and the Lawless French site. This program concentrates primarily on grammar, including prepositions, articles, agreement, and verb conjugations. There is a free membership tier with limited options. The program also offers a few options for a paid membership level. The longer your subscription term, the less you pay per month. The program starts with a French placement test, based on the CEFR levels. You can then access lessons, quizzes, listening and dictation exercises, and writing challenges. Grammar is taught primarily through text-based lessons, with examples and audio clips, and tested with micro-quizzes. The lessons include a question forum, with answers from both Kwiziq staff and community members. There are lots of metrics to show your progress, although some of them are not intuitive. The grammar lessons seem very thorough and well-organized. There appears to be no speaking component to the program, however. If you’d like to practice your speaking and listening comprehension, you can start out at the Bavardons! (Let’s Chat!) membership level of the main Lawless French site, which also has plenty of free vocab and grammar reference material in a blog format.

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