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Readle Mini-Review: Graded German Stories For A1-C1

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Readle provides graded news and stories for German learners of all levels. The stories mostly touch on current events and discoveries — they are a little bit of a cross between the Good News Network and your local news channel. They come in short, manageable chunks, so even busy learners won’t feel like they have to invest too much time into it. You can also listen to the story read aloud by a native speaker at 1x or 0.75x speed.

The app’s format seems quite similar to Du Chinese, except that it doesn’t support flashcards. Instead, each story offers a relevant quiz, grammar lesson, and keywords. For flashcard lovers, you can download Anki Droid and create your own flashcards to accompany the app.

The yearly membership is significantly more affordable than the monthly membership, and since the app adds a new story every day, the casual reader probably won’t run out of content to read (although the C1 and B2 content seems to be added less frequently). There are also free stories that you can try out before purchasing a membership.

If you just want to practice reading and learning vocabulary through flashcards, Readlang is an excellent free option that will give you instant text translations on any website.

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