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It is the go-to app for free (except on iOS) Spaced Repetition System (SRS) flashcards. It has a simple user interface with various features that more hard-core users can dive into if they choose.

Your flashcards will appear according to your natural forgetting curve; the app will test you in increasingly spaced out intervals, with more difficult cards appearing more than once in a session, while easier cards spacing out over weeks — or even months and years. An SRS system is the most effective way to drive information into your long-term memory.

The cards can sync between the web, desktop app, and mobile versions to keep your flashcards updated and with you at all times. You can add images and audio clips to your cards and change the text formatting (if you use it on your computer). One feature unique to Anki, as opposed to other SRS flashcard apps, is the “Cloze deletion” function, which allows you to block out parts of your card and create a “fill-in-the-blanks” type card format.

If you want a resource for how to make effective flashcards, check out the book, FluentForever. The author leaves a whole section dedicated to understanding how to use your Anki deck to advance your skills quickly.

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LangCorrect is a free community-driven writing site where users can both contribute to editing others’ work and receive feedback on their own writing.

After writing your piece, you may submit it to receive feedback from other site users. In order to ensure accurate feedback, multiple users can cross-check the corrections that were made and add comments.

Volunteers and Patrons have access to writing in up to 10 languages, but typical users can write in a maximum of two languages at a time. Everyone is encouraged to both write and correct others’ work on the site.

If you are looking to improve your writing skills in one of the over 100 languages available, trying out this resource is a must! However, if you’re studying a less common language and not finding many users to give you corrections, consider trying the exercise section in italki’s community features.

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italki is the most flexible and affordable place to find a tutor for the language you’re learning. They have a huge number of teachers offering classes to students of over 100 different languages. As a learner, you’ll be able to find a tutor that best fits your learning style, schedule, and personality. Teachers are able to set their own prices and make their own schedule.

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Speaky is a social language-learning app for people interested in language exchange. It’s available for iOS, Android, and the web. Users can chat with other language learners, share photos, leave voice messages or even have voice calls. The basic features on Speaky are free to use, but access to more than five translations per day requires a subscription.

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The first thing to remember about the Udemy course marketplace is that you should never buy a course full price. Many of the courses are priced well over the 100 dollar range, only to be discounted and sold for about $20. Also, signing up for Udemy usually gives you a massive discount in the first 24 hours.

With most of the courses rated four stars and above, it’s difficult to gauge which of the courses measure up to other available resources without looking through every course’s previews. You may find two courses rated 4.5 stars — one that’s essentially a phrasebook slideshow, and another that engages you in listening to conversations, learning new vocabulary, and grammar.

If you do decide to take a language course with Udemy, be aware that some of the courses are taught by non-native speakers, even if they have a native speaker as their cover image. A non-native speaker is not always a bad thing, but in some cases, specifically in Udemy’s case, it may result in learners acquiring incorrect pronunciation or grammar.

Overall, Udemy is probably not the best choice is you’ve finally mustered up the motivation to start learning a language now, unless you just happen to go to the site during a discount period and you’ve enjoyed the previews of your chosen course.

There are other resources with consistently better quality content, such as YoYo ChineseInnerFrenchPimsleurSeedlang (German), Marugoto (Japanese), 90 Day Korean, or Sistema Kalinka (Russian).

The current rating is our best estimate. We haven’t had the opportunity yet to more thoroughly evaluate this resource, as we do for our full reviews.