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Seedlang Mini-Review: Funny, Effective, and Affordable

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Seedlang – 4.3 

Seedlang is a funny, affordable, and effective resource for German learners. It focuses on speaking practice, grammar, and vocabulary, accompanying every word and sentence with a video of a german speaker. Seedling encourages you to record your voice while both mimicking pronunciation and the movement of the speaker’s mouth. You will be pleasantly surprised at the humour of each lesson, with detailed grammar and vocabulary explanations depicted in a variety of clever contexts.

Although the program is advertised for A1-B2 German learners, you will get the most value as a beginner starting from lesson 1 of their 200-story tree. Nevertheless, even as a lower-intermediate learner, the content is sure to keep you engaged. In addition to progressive lessons, there are also trivia games, custom and pre-made word-reviews, and gender practice for nouns.

Try out some of the free content to see if you enjoy Seedling’s method – you may find yourself laugh-out-loud entertained by its quirky creativity!

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The rating is our best guess, but we haven’t yet had the opportunity to fully test and review this resource.

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