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If you’ve been considering learning Serbian, you’ll be glad to know you’ll be in good company as a Serbian speaker. The language, derived from old Slavic and similar to many other languages you’ll find around Eastern Europe, has about 9.5 million speakers.

However, despite the many people who speak and read Serbian fluently, that doesn’t mean learning the language from scratch is an easy undertaking. For example, learning Serbian requires that you learn to read and write Cyrillic script, something that is required in many Slavic languages.

Thankfully, there are some resources available to those looking to learn Serbian. If you’ve already signed up a course, and are just looking for a complemental resource, then you’ll want to definitely consider Serbian language-learning podcasts and general podcasts produced in Serbian.

Many podcasts additionally teach you about Serbian culture and history. Plus, podcasts are easily available, often short, typically free and easy to listen to at just about any time, anywhere.

Ready to start learning Serbian, or maybe increase your current knowledge of the language? Check out these four podcasts.

Podcasts for Beginners

If you know absolutely no Serbian whatsoever, then you’re going to want to start with these podcasts created with beginner learners in mind.

Serbian Language Podcast

One of the most popular Serbian language-learning podcasts is suitably named Serbian Language Podcast. An all-encompassing resource for learning Serbian, the brand not only offers podcasts but also videos, study guides, grammar tools and more. The content is high quality and very thorough.

It starts you out at a beginner level and quickly moves you into more intermediate-level and advanced concepts. Short and engaging lessons are updated regularly.

The one downside to this podcast is that it is a paid resource. You do need a membership in order to access the content. Memberships are $15 per month, and you pay as you go, with the ability to cancel your membership at any time. Memberships include beginner lessons and access to more than 100 videos and more than 100 podcasts.

Learn Serbian Podcast

The Learn Serbian Podcast is a free podcast produced by the Learn Serbian Blog, which comes with a range of resources that are both free and paid (the only paid resources are the in-person and online Skype lessons).

The podcast includes an array of beginner lessons that are downloadable as an MP3, MP4 or 3GP file. Learn greetings, simple phrases and sentences, noun and verb cases and more.


If you’ve already learned a decent amount of Serbian, you might want to check out intermediate-level Serbian podcasts.

Serbian Courses Podcast

Serbian Courses produces its own podcast as a complement to its online courses, but you certainly don’t have to be taking their courses in order to make good use of the podcast. The podcast includes informal, slow and easy-to-follow conversations in Serbian, so that you can, as an intermediate learner, listen at your own pace. The podcast, since it is informal, is also good for learning colloquial Serbian that you might hear spoken on the streets.


Looking for something a bit more advanced? Then check out the following podcast.


Infinitum is a Serbian-language podcast that focuses on tech topics. Serbian language-learners will have a wealth of content to listen to, as the podcast is updated on a regular basis, every two weeks or so, and each podcast episode is over an hour in length, some closer to two hours. You’ll definitely be put to the challenge as you listen to these native Serbian speakers hold normal, everyday conversations.

Final Thoughts

While learning to speak, comprehend, read and write Serbian can definitely be a challenge, it can also be rewarding as you learn to communicate in this language.

Do you know any Serbian language-learning podcasts that we didn’t list? Then tell us!

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