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Chinese (Mandarin) Practice Reading and Listening – Free On-Site SimSums

SimSums-Chinese Practice Reading and Writing

You can learn about interesting topics at the same time you are practicing and studying Mandarin Chinese. These Simplified Summaries (SimSums) of popular non-fiction books have been written to be easily read for language learners while still retaining the key points. An audio narration is also provided for most. They can act as a bridge between the intermediate and advanced levels of Mandarin Chinese.

Each Simplified Summary listed below for Chinese Reading and Listening Practice has in-language text and an MP3 narration of the summary.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

An In-language Simplified Summary based on the book by Stephen Covey

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People (1989) is among the most popular self-help books. It’ll teach you the principles needed to become an effective person. These habits will help you to become more successful in both your personal and professional life. Read and listen.

Steve Jobs

An In-language Simplified Summary based on the book by Walter Isaacson

This biography of Steve Jobs takes an inside look into the life of Apple’s eccentric founder. You’ll learn about how his experiences with LSD and meditation helped shape his innovations and how his life ended early from cancer. Read and listen.

The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

An In-language Simplified Summary based on the book by Gary Chapman

The Five Love Languages (2015) is a modern guide that helps couples develop and maintain loving relationships. It details the five ways that people feel and show their love and helps couples use this information to build stronger bonds. Read and listen.

Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake

An In-language Simplified Summary based on the book by Frank Abagnale and Stan Redding

Catch Me If You Can (1980) gives you the opportunity to hear about Frank Abagnale’s life as a conman. His cons included posing as a pilot, lawyer, and professor. The story would go on to become an award-winning film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Read and listen.

Open: An Autobiography

An In-language Simplified Summary based on the book by Andre Agassi

Open (2009) is the eye-opening autobiography of Andre Agassi, one of the best American tennis players of all time. It’s a revealing look into his tumultuous life. You’ll learn how Agassi strived for balance and a self-understanding while living in the public spotlight. Read and listen.

Fluent In 3 Months – How Anyone at Any Age Can Learn to Speak Any Language from Anywhere in the World

An In-language Simplified Summary based on the book by Benny Lewis

Fluent In 3 Months (2014) was written by Benny Lewis, a polyglot who runs the most popular language learning blog on the internet. He gives actionable strategies to learn to speak a new language quicker than most would think possible. Read and listen.

The Power of Habit

An In-language Simplified Summary based on the book by Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit (2012) explains the importance that habits play in every aspect of our daily lives. It uses research and anecdotes to help people learn how they can change their habits and improve their lives. Read and listen.

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