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Spring Deals 2022 (check back often!)

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Languages​: Live lessons offered in English, Business English, German, French or Spanish

Spring Sprint Event!! €20/$25 off using Code: Allsprint20 It’s a 2-month long challenge where you set your intensity level (15 lessons/mo or 30 lessons/mo) and sprint through for 2 months. When you achieve these goals, you claim 50% to 100% of your entry fee. The biggest rule you need to know is that you can take only 1 lesson per day. No doubling up to catch up. Sprint starts on April 15th (Fri), so act quickly. 

Discount: Spring Sale of 30% discount with coupon code “SWEET30”.  Valid until April 25th (see site for details).

Let’s be honest Learning a language is hard work, no matter what any of those apps might tell you. Making real progress is like training for a marathon. You need to set goals, build a daily habit and stay focused. Thanks to our interactive methods, based on 20 years of research by Cambridge and Oxford experts, with Lingoda you’re set up for success.

— adapted from creator

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Languages​: ​German

Discount: A few new deals are coming in April!
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25% off Individual Language Levels. Only from April 17 until April 23

More than language learning it’s fun and engaging thanks to Michael’s revolutionary method and personal charisma forged from 20 years teaching German. Whether you want to learn from scratch, or polish your skills, our flexible courses have you covered. Forget boring textbooks and grammar tables.

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Languages​: Over 60 languages including Ukrainian

Ling-App is offering all its languages for FREE to people of Ukraine, and free access to Ukrainian language lessons to everyone. See their press release and program access details here 

Learning a new language with Ling feels like playing a game.
It’s simple yet effective. Backed by linguistic research, Ling helps you achieve fluency in record time.

— adapted from creator

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Languages​: 15 languages

Discount: Up to 55% off Babbel subscriptions, including the Lifetime membership! Valid until April 8th, 2022.

Learn everything you need to have real world conversations – from vocab words to culture. 10 minutes a day is all it takes

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Languages​: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese

30 Day Challenge of really tough aspects of your target language. You will receive one new chapter of the story EVERY DAY to conquer that beast in 30 days!
**Use the following links to participate in the challenge**
SPANISH – Victorious Verb Pairs
FRENCH – Perfect Past Tenses
ITALIAN – Incredible Idioms
GERMAN – Invincible Irregular Verbs
JAPANESE – Kanji Made Easy

Learn to speak a new language through the power of story. Developed by polyglot Olly Richards, the brand new StoryLearning® method helps you learn new languages in a fun, brain-friendly way… through stories – not rules!

— adapted from creator.

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