Swahili Dar Language School

Rating 4.7

Free YouTube channel; courses start at $30/month


Swahili Dar Language School is a YouTube channel and online course provider. We’ve only been able to try out the YouTube videos, but we’re fans of the high-energy delivery and detailed grammatical breakdowns.  The YouTube channel has content for beginner, intermediate, and high-intermediate learners. Most of the videos focus on grammar, but there are occasionally vocabulary-based ones. In each video, teacher Sayi Michael appears with his whiteboard. His engaging teaching style makes the grammatical information easy to process. Make yourself comfy before pressing play, though: the videos last from 12 to 50 minutes. On his website, you can subscribe to courses for one month, six months, or one year. Each course has 24–34 video lessons. Since there is a lot of information in these YouTube videos, you’ll likely benefit from drilling them with flash card apps like Anki (review) and making your own sentences.