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Ulpanet Hebrew Mini-Review: Thorough But Pricey

Ulpanet Hebrew
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This Hebrew course may have an out of date interface, but they seem to have thorough lessons from beginner to advanced. You can choose to purchase one of three levels of conversational Hebrew, or a section dedicated to Biblical Hebrew.

You will focus on speaking, reading, and writing throughout the course, starting with learning the pronunciation and writing of the alphabet, and then moving on to short dialogues. There are several activities to help you along the way, such as matching games and filling in the blanks.

In the Biblical Hebrew section, there are interactive activities to help you listen, memorize, and recall every word in the chapter. New vocabulary seems to be introduced with each section to support your comprehension.

Every level seems to contain hundreds of lessons, and costs almost $200; you have the option of switching levels within 14 days of your purchase, or getting a full refund up to 21 days from purchase. Again, the interface is very out of date, but you can try some demo classes to see if it is suitable to your learning goals.

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